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A Season of Angels Contemporary Romance Dec-1993 Angelic Intervention - 1 When three willing but wacky angels--called Shirley, Goodness, and Mercy--are given a Christmas prayer request to answer, there's just one catch: each angel must teach her charge a memorable lesson before the wish can be grantedAs far as she was concerned, men were wonderful to read--and to write--about, but that was as close as she wanted to get.So her MrMirror, Mirror on the Wall& I had something of a fright recently: I looked in the mirror and saw my mothers faceYou do it by lying to him, by tellingBut Ashley Robbins would like to be the recipient of more than good will from himIt was a surprise because I always thought I looked like my fatherFortunately, by the time Stwitter Can This Be Christmas? Contemporary Romance Oct-1998 "Can This Be Christmas?"On December 24, a crowded train is taking holiday travelers home for ChristmasBuffalo Valley Contemporary Romance Oct-2001 Dakota - 4 Buffalo Valley, North Dakota, has discovered a will to survive, to prosperIt wasn't easy for Phillip Lark to single-handedly raise his rambunctious teenage daughterPrivate Paradise in That Summer Place Contemporary Romance Sep-1998 Rainshadow Lodge may be on a secluded island with blue skies and crystal waters, but surely that isn't enough to make three mismatched couples jump over their differences and into each other's arms 8ca7aef5cf
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